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Smiling through the pain: Jessie Wallace calls off wedding after fiancé 'sends ex-girlfriend explicit pictures of actress'

By Sarah Bull

Cancelled: Jessie Wallace was seen arriving back at her London home this afternoon after calling off her wedding to Vincent Morse

Jessie Wallace has called off her wedding after her fiancé Vincent Morse allegedly sent his ex-girlfriend an explicit picture of the soap actress.

A spokesperson for the EastEnders star confirmed that the pair's £300,000 star-studded ceremony, which had been due to take place this afternoon, would not be going ahead.

Wallace was seen putting on a brave face as she arrived back at her London home this afternoon after cancelling her big day.

The 39-year-old actress was also pictured with Morse outside her property yesterday.

Caterer Morse apparently emailed a shocking photo of the EastEnders star to his ex Karen Short in an apparent bid to lure her into bed earlier this month.

Morse is said to have accompanied the picture of Wallace, which showed her wearing a black basque and stockings, with the caption: 'This is what you will get x'.

Claims: It was reported yesterday that Wallace's fiancé Vincent Morse sent an explicit photo of her to his ex-girlfriend

Businesswoman Short, who dated Morse for three years before the pair ended their relationship in 2005, claimed in the Daily Star Sunday newspaper that she had spent the night with Morse in December - when he was dating Wallace - and the pair have been exchanging texts and emails ever since.

She said: 'Vince and I met up as recently as December - I had no idea about Jessie. We spent the night together at a hotel.

'I was absolutely shocked. When I received the explicit photograph of Jessie from Vince last month I felt really uncomfortable. The photo was sent with the accompanying caption, "this is what you will get x".

It's off: Wallace and Morse's wedding was set to take place today at Richmond's Pembroke Lodge

'I rang Vince and asked him what he was playing at but he has a way of turning things around – he can be very manipulative.

'It was typical Vince. He is a risk-taker and definitely has a dark side.'

Short also alleged that Morse had emailed her on several occasions, as recently as August 5th, saying that he was having doubts about whether or not he could go through with the wedding.

One of the first emails apparently read: 'The last few weeks have taken their toll. Have not been together all week got back yesterday and she went nuts. I think I’m really done with the whole thing.'

Screen star: Jessie as Kat Moon in EastEnders alongside Shane Richie as Alfie Moon
After being comforted by Short, Morse then replied: 'I know let’s run away? X.

'To be honest I need a couple of days away with someone fun and sexy xxxx.

'As of a week ago it’s really been off but I’m only just admitting it to myself now xxx.'

These shocking new claims have emerged just weeks after a clearly smitten Wallace and Morse posed up at their engagement party, and the 39-year-old actress admitted her love for the caterer.

Wallace, who has been engaged three times, said at the time: 'Vince is my Mr Right.
There’s been a huge gap in my life and I’ve had relationships but there was always something missing. If not one thing, loads of things missing. But Vince has got everything I’ve been looking for.

'I knew literally straight away I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

'I do believe there’s one person out there for you and the more time we spend together the closer we become, it’s like we’re one person. I never thought I’d see the day when I got married. I’ve never been this happy with a man before.'


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