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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Equatorial Guinea 2012

A New African Queen...

Gorgeous in Purple: Jennifer Riveiro Ilende, Miss Belleza Guinea Ecuatorial 2012 (Miss Equatorial Guinea)

Last week, on April 27th, the tall and very beautiful Jennifer Riveiro Ilende was crowned Miss Belleza Guinea Ecuatorial 2012 (Miss Equatorial Guinea) at the Sipopo International Conference Centre in Malabo.

Jennifer made it into the "Pageant Record Books" as she will be the first ever representative of that African nation to compete in the 62nd edition of the Miss World pageant, which will take place on August 18, 2012 in Dongsheng Fitness Center Stadium, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China (yes, not Miami, not Sao Paulo, not London...nope...INNER MONGOLIA!!!)

Crowning Moment: Jennifer Riveiro Ilende gets her "Miss Belleza Guine Ecuatorial 2012" crown

In the event that you may be "Geographically-challenged", Equatorial Guinea is located in Middle Africa. The independent nation is made up of two parts--a section in the continent and another section made up of islands offshore, one of which contains its capital city, Malabo. It is one of the smallest countries in continental Africa and also one of the richest per capita. But of course, it is no surprise that the wealth is very unevenly distributed. It is also THE ONLY nation in Africa that has Spanish as one of its official languages (French and Portuguese are the others).

Now, onto the pageant and the winner. The pageant is organized and run by Agencia Mogue, a model agency in Equatorial Guinea, with the help of Constancia Mangue de Obiang, first lady of the nation.

La Mas Bella: The new "Miss Belleza Guinea Ecuatorial 2012" Jennifer Riveiro Ilende is 21 years old, 1.80m tall (about 5' 11" tall) and is a model. She could do well in August at the Miss World 2012 pageant. Now, onto the GOWNS:

The gowns were FABULOUS, chic and  modern. Take a look tat the three Finalists above. At least with these three: not ONE tacky, bedazzled, too-high slit mess in sight! The winner (middle), wore a purple-colored chiffon gown with gathered bust and one-shoulder satin strap detail; clean, elegant and oh-so-right. Her "Damas" (Runners-Up) look resplendent as well. The one on the left, looks THE DEFINITION of CHIC in her red gathered-halter neckline gown and the one on the left, looks VERY Spring/Summer 2013, in her lilac-and-purple watercolor flower-print gown.  How could a tiny African nation pageant get it SO right? Is it because a modeling agency is running the pageant? Is their "Official Stylist" ON IT, when it comes to what Beauty Pageant contestants should be wearing in 2012, and is referencing Fashion Magazines, the International Red Carpet, and not "Toddlers & Tiaras"? Whatever it is, they are YEARS ahead of some of these much bigger international pageants and what their pageant girls are wearing:


Yes, You Might See My Underwear: "Nuestra Belleza El Salvador/ Miss El Salvador Universe 2012" Ana Yancy Clavel (left) and "Miss El Salvador World 2012" Maria Luisa Vicuna

Oooh Huney, That is a HIGH Slit: "Miss Brasil World 2012" finalist (left photo, on the right) Camilla Serakides and "Miss Slovak Republic Universe 2012" Lubica Stepanova (right photo)--These two ladies were ill-advised for sure. There are elements which are good in each of these gowns, however, the TOO HIGH slits, negates any of those good elements and deems the ladies--and their gowns--two minutes away from a stripper pole.

 Pageant Betty's:

Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2012 Pageant: Above are the Finalist in this year's pageant--and their bedazzled, be-organza'ed, be-high slit'ed gowns...If someone went back in time to well, 1992--I would NOT be surprised to see this photo--and more importantly--these same gowns!

Uh NO: Let's just hope that NO ONE follows the fashion advice of this pretty woman, Fernanda Semino, and what she wore--and head-scratchingly won in!--at last year's "Miss Uruguay Universe 2011" pageant. Sequined Applique Halter and iridescent POLY organza. Enough Said.

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