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Guess & Elle's Global Street Chic Ambassador - may be taking pics of you soon (just hopefully not the kind with a black bar across your eyes)!

GUESS & ELLE have been looking for a “Global Street Chic Ambassador” who will travel around the world taking pictures of the best in street fashion from global style hotspots. From hundreds of applicants, the 16 finalists for the GUESS & ELLE Choice and Fan Favorite have been selected and are now posted on the GUESS Facebook page. Visitors will have the opportunity to vote on their favorites and give feedback on the finalists’ looks.

And there are two Canadians in the mix: Danielle Mossfeldt from Calgary and Kailey Turpin from BC - I kinda feel like Kailey might have this one if the judges are looking for someone who looks like a Guess girl!  In any case, the finalist who gets the most votes will win the People's Choice prize ($1,000 Guess GC) and the knowledge that people like them, they really like them!

Just go to https://www.facebook.com/GUESS?sk=app_100159123405057 like the page and get voting!

- Lisamarie -

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