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CDC declares Indianapolis strip clubs are a public health issue as two are killed outside Club Venus and neighbors express discontent that club still operating

 Baxter Lomax

  A man was convicted for a shooting at a strip club in Indianapolis that has long enjoyed many crimes and shootings through the years and neighbors of this club called club Venus to be closed for nothig but trouble it has brought forth in the community as outsider pour in and wrecked the neighborhood and nothing ever good could happen in and around an  club with such a name. Club Venus is bad for the city of Indianapolis and recently the CDC called strip clubs in Indianapolis are bad for ones health as time after time shootings and dangerous crimes occur around strip clubs across America and the Center of Disease Control declared strip clubs dangerous for ones health and this is true. The neighborhood has long tried to get this club that is connected to five shootings inside and out in its parking lit since 1017 and is a American record as no other business or building has seen this amount of violence in one sport since the whisky wagon saloon in Silver City. Nevada in 1912-13


 Club Venus is still  open and posing a trouble for the community and neighborhood with its mere presence and everyday these high number of strip clubs in Indianapolis and other mid sized cities exist there is a danger posed to workers and patrons and somehow these businesses have managed to stay relevant an din business and why Indianapolis mayor Joe Hogsett

who is a mask maniac concerned about virus allow this city to have like a hundred strip clubs in the West side if Indianapolis can best be summed up by the likely donations these owners give to the coffers of this awful fuck face mayor of Indianapolis has been selected the worse big city mayor by City Life Magazine. Mayor Hogsett has allowed these strip clubs to proliferate in his tenure and all of these business are magnets for trouble makers and criminals who are lured by the underground activities and drugs that these clubs have been a source which ultimately  leads to the violence we see and why both the WHO and CDC have declared the strip clubs as a public health danger best to be avoided by all. Nothing good could ever occur by a club with such a name.

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