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10 people shot dead in the violent weekend in Indianapolis and the further proof of the decline and ghettofication of the capital city in Hoosier land

Oscar Orton
   Scooter nation is my name foe millennial and answer to OK Boomer as young dragon faced tattoos and young buck Blacks wreck havoc a generation so addicted to glop and drugs they don't often k now their ass from their face. Indianapolis is a city is major decline  because of the 'diversity" and meth and pit pushing this scooter skateboarding nation love an we are seeing the affects of generational change in a city such as our hometown Indianapolis ,Indiana. The city saw one of the worse weekends of any large American city this past as ten people shot dead in separate violence throughout this shit hole and Indianapolis is well on its way to becoming Gary, Indiana.

Scooter nation is pushing scooters all around mocking OK boomers and basically causing all the once trendy downtown trendy areas into dangerous skuzzy areas where pills are littered on the sidewalk along with hypodermic needles needed for shooting up and with all of these drugs come the gun crimes as seen in Indianapolis as gangs and psychotic shoot up and shoot it out with one another because someone disrespected their 500 dollar air Jordan sneakers these young idiots feel the ust spend to save face.  Long yellow police sticky tape is becoming a fixture in this once great American city that
at one time in my lifetime was 90% white and one of the cleanest cities of over 500,000 but insane liberal urban policies and redistribution of people and demand for more government spending and resources brought in thousands of some of the worse Black Trash both the North and South had to offer starting in the early seventies. This city has really regenerated into a fucking replica of Cleveland. Detroit, and Gary,Indiana and this we believe is no accident as anti-American socialist wish to break down the system and create chaos all over the country and have anarchy and street crime explode. The amount of violence seen in Indianapolis this weekend is why there is even more pressing need for the Trump administration to send in the federal forces n these drug zones Democratically controlled sections of America and clean house and make a mass sweep and destroy these cartels and tattoo faced demons running wild and controlling a large section of the growing ghetto streets of scooter nation and crazed generation.

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