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(The Ugly) Damon Drops gets the most disgusting burger at fatburger and it explains why he is a fat ass

Chuck Woodruff
    Damon Drops dropped a 2300 calorie burger in minutes in a recent new video he posted to his award winning Youtube channel. Damon was driving around a really shitty ugly suburban strip mall one day and he spotted a fat Burger  this new development that went up quicker than he can drink a milk shake. i bet the fuck was mad that this Fatburger didn't have a drive thru and he actually had to get out of his fucking automobile.  Damon walked in the place and told them he was filming a Toutube channel and wanted to review
 One  gets the idea that California's Fatburger chain has helped make many people obese and fucking fat through the years and could explain why so many people in strip mall and car dependent areas look and resemble human cattle gay gorillas
like Damon drops. This guy has no fucking shame and flaunts his weight as it were wealth in much the ame way Frances ahhh King Louis the 18 or England's king ahhh Henry would purposely try to be morribly disgusting and fat in ahhhh times of famine. Damon Drops is monstrous and I worry one day he will have a hearth attack while driving and eating this shit and he will ram into the back of another car and innocent passengers in front of this mans SUV. This Fat Burger was so disgusting and watching this man eat meat up close in itself can convert hundreds of thousands of people to go vegan if forced to watch these videos for five minutes in one day.
Damon was flattered that the workers in this disgusting fast food chain invited him back to film how they create this XXXL Fatburger that the beast guzzled in less than three minutes. the fat Burger chain should be publicly shamed for offering such servings of greaseburgers and only a walking fat  turd like Damon would brag about it and give it the appraise it so doesn't deserve.

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