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Pittsburgh and national media cover up hate crime attempted unprovoked murder o 12 year old White boy at a McDonalds

    Ed West

    Allegheny County jail is holding a Black demon named Charles Turner  who tackled from behind a white child and attacked him with a knife resulting in him having to be hospitalized and this attack made little news as the mainstream media hides and attempts to cover up the massive hate crime coming from Black males while doubling down on anything they can pin on a White make such as the depravity if constant  coverage of the Atlanta Spa shooter.

Charles Turner attempted to kill the kid unnamed for no reason aside forte color of his skin and once again the mainstream media ignores ate crimes against White people that occur at a more staggering rate while pushing Anti-Asian and Anti-Black hate crimes making even the most minor encounter or altercation into front page news. Charles Turner was reportedly  loitering around the McDonald after the stabbing yelling racial slurs and then battles police and this animal is going to be charged with attempted murder. One can imagine if the roles of the races were reversed and a White man had stabbed in the neck a 12 year old Black kid this would be the front page of the CNN and NBC nightly news. Turner was repeatedly yelling  racial slurs and should be cuffed and stuffed for a ling time for this attempted race murder and Blacks are five times more likely to attack people from outside their race because many of them are filled with extreme hate and anger at all times. 

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