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Vintage Harper's Bazaar | September 1945

As a vintage clothing collector and owner of a vintage clothing store I always have my eyes and ears peeled and perked for new information regarding vintage clothing and just fun random trivia about all things vintage fashion history.

I recently came across several vintage Harper's Bazaar magazines from the 1930s and 1940s and one in particular had SO MANY advertisements for vintage dresses, coats, shoes, and handbags, I just had to share several of them along with the snappy copy from the editorials!

This issue I am speaking of is the September 1945 issue of Harper Bazaar which has in light blue script "Victory" on the front. I love this cover. Just absolutely LOVE it!

Harper's Bazaar Vintage Magazine Advertisement Selects

Dorothy Gray | American Design of Beauty
"Ah - the Right Look"

Fromm Bros | Startling New Fur Strains by Fromm
Silverblue Fox: Breathless beauty of blue, "half-quencht in mists of silver dew." Beloved of brides.

The Costume Room | Famous Barr Co. St. Louis Mo.
Romantic glimmer of sequins on a black and orchid rayon crepe cocktail dress by Nettie Rosenstein. Wear it with this fabulous hat by Reine.

Lord & Taylor
That little jewel of a black suit is the one you always end up by wearing. This one with the knowing touches is a Ben Reig original designed by Omar Kiam.

I. Magnin + Co
Beauty begets beauty/// In the grand tradition of I. Magnin + Co where beauty is a heritage we proudly present our winter collection of dinner clothes

Bonwit Teller of Philadelphia
Monte-Sano's mastery of line sings out in a superlative short coat for city, country, or campus. Trompe d'oeil for your figure, magnificent shoulders that lend a lissome look to waist and hips.

Kerr's Oklahoma City
"Quality wears this label."

Tussy | For That Young, Young Look
Darling, you're stealing the show with that heavenly lipstick. Tussy, no doubt?

Pandora Footwear
So pretty…yet so soft…like a serenade to your feet

Harper's Bazaar Magazine Editorial Selects

The Elliptical Line
An elliptical line is the smarter distance between any two points of the silhouette….your outline is one blown-out curve after another: from corns to forehead, from neck to elbow and neck to belt, from belt to hem. You are tiny only at the wrists, the neck, the waist.

Madam, Why Do You Bend?
…that natural physical perfection depends on six silhouettes: strength (vs. weakness), suppleness (vs. stiffness), speed (vs. slowness), equilibrium (vs lack of balance), endurance (vs. fatigue), skill (vs. clumsiness)

It is Paris. It is night. At a street corner a young couple kiss, a clock strikes, a young man meets a woman, his destiny, his death.

A Spot of Scotch
Go on a highland fling this autumn…in tartan from top to toe, or a touch of tartan with last year's gray flannels or your old gabardine raincoat.

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