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Jesse Jackson rips apart presdient Trump and considers a run in 2020

Troy York
Jesse Jackson wrote a piece attacking Trump's ties to Russia and his economic plan and tariffs that threaten the power and dominance of urban Democratic political machines. Jesse Jackson is the original racial identity individual and he has for years extorted and activated this aspect of the modern day Democratic Party and has done more for himself to play a part in this divisive political and regional situation of blue and red states in America. Jesse Jackson says our allies have helped America prosper and that turning our backs on them as Trump meets and cozy up with Putin is a dangerous precedent and direction that the Trump administration is now taking.
Jesse Jackson went on to heavily criticize the forty fifth president of the United States and Jesse Jackson once again, despite his advanced age, thinking of putting his voice and faced into one last presidential bid capturing the magic he was able to produce in the eighties with two magnificent runs for the presidency.Jackson has been very vocal against president Trump for the White House. From day one and his intellectual thought is deserving of a place in politics and the White House. Mr Jackson says the president will n pt protect the integrity of American elections and if elected Jesse promises to take money out of politics  Jesse Jackson would be the first African-American president if elected and has aroused his base for the day of a third Jesse run this time against Trump in 2020. Trump is looking forward for possible contenders to step up to the plate and take him on for another interesting race and ratings bonanza that 2016 was for everyone.

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