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How To Level Up Quickly in Red Dead Online


With the release of Red Dead Redemption 2's online mode titled Red Dead Online which just officially released for all owners of the game in beta, there comes a whole new progression system for players to sink countless hours into. Like Grand Theft Auto 5's online mode, Grand Theft Auto Online, players will earn XP for certain activities and missions they participate in on the game mode's vast open world setting (here are map locations for everything in Red Dead Redemption 2).

Like GTA Online, this XP will go toward earning players ranks which, when combined with the in-game currency system, will allow the buying of new weapons, clothes and other items of cosmetic and important nature. However, some missions and activities are more rewarding XP-wise than others, and some players may be confused on how to level up quickly. Luckily, unlike the methods for earning money fast in Red Dead Online, leveling fast doesn't really require any sort of glitch manipulation or too many overly repetitive activities.

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First off, one of the best methods for leveling quickly on Red Dead Online is to simply play through the available story missions. Not only are these missions low-stress activities that don't require fighting other players in open combat, but they easily offer the most XP in the entire mode. Additionally, it's important to note that once players have beaten a mission, they can still enter matchmaking and repeat missions for more XP (though you'll only receive the monetary rewards once). While this may seem a tad repetitive, the moral decisions or a lot of these missions mean different outcomes depending on the other members of your group. Either way, it remains the overall best way to earn XP and level fast.

If Red Dead Online's missions aren't exactly what you came to the mode for, however, there are also plenty of unique challenges available that, once achieved, will provide plenty of XP for leveling. One of the highlights of this method is that there are challenges for every kind of play style, including hunting, skinning animals or killing enemies and players with certain weapons. Of course, you'll have to perform these feats a certain number of times to actually complete the particular challenge, but players will also gain small amounts of XP in the meantime.

If neither of these options sounds particularly appealing or you're looking to take a break from less competitive means of leveling, there is of course always competitive modes like Hostile Territory, Shootout or Red Dead Online's own take on battle royale, Make it Count, which pits 32 players against each other using either only bows and arrows or throwing knives. These modes won't offer quite as much XP as the other modes but they can be a fun diversion, especially for players more interested in classic multiplayer modes from other big titles.

Either way, the game offers more than a few options for leveling up rather quickly. Remember that playing with friends and/or a posse will more than likely up your chances of being successful in Rockstar's online mode for Red Dead Redemption 2. Of course, it's also likely that Rockstar will continue to bring more activities, missions and competitive modes for players to enjoy as Red Dead Online moves out of its beta into more of a full release.

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