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Hairstylist Chris McMillan on Jennifer Aniston's New Short Haircut

So you may have heard: Jennifer Aniston got a haircut. Well, here's the backstory. I usually trim her hair about once a month-she's really good about keeping it as healthy as possible. But the other day she texted me a picture of a woman on TV with a haircut she liked. Funny enough, I'd actually cut that woman's hair. Then a few days ago, Jen and I were doing a photo shoot for Aveeno skin care, and the makeup artist, Gucci Westman, had just gotten a similar haircut. Anyway, somehow the two of them got the idea to get their ears pierced (one piercing each, way up high on their ears) -it was a girl thing. It was a fun, exciting kind of day. And the idea of short hair was in the air.

Later on, when I was at Jennifer's house, she decided it was time. It was a spontaneous decision, even though she had kind of been thinking about it for a while. I didn't want to give her one big chop-I did it slowly and gradually. Three inches, then another inch, then another inch, until I cut about six inches. Usually when I cut her hair, she'll say, 'Don't track it all over the house.' But this time she wanted to see the pile of hair on the floor. And it wasn't an insignificant amount.

It took a few hours to get it right. I used every tool I had-scissors, razor, thinning shears, broken glass (kidding). But I wanted it to look chewed off and lived in. We both love how model Daria Werbowy is wearing her hair now, and the idea was that Jen won't have to blow it out and style it. The point is to let her natural waves come in and maybe tuck it back on one side. I styled it with Living Proof Perfect Hair Day to make it glossy without smothering the texture. In the past, I've given her dramatic cuts, and she misses her long hair. What woman wouldn't miss long hair? A short cut takes some getting used to. But she's really happy with this cut. So am I. It suits her.

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