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ELF HD Blush 'Superstar' & 'Headliner' (MUFE HD Blush dupe?)

I have been waiting for these since ages! Basically these ELF HD Blushes were released in the US since quite a while as suggested by tonnes of reviews and envious pictures that I went through. Finally, thank goodness for the Elf UK's Facebook page I was notified these babies had finally arrived in the UK. Being the blush hoarder geek I am, seeing how similar to looked to the MUFE ones and with them being priced at £3.50 a pop, it was almost like a legal make-up geek requirement to get them immediately!

Based on the colour swatches I had seen of these before, there were two neutral yet safe yet fun shades that I had my eye on. Presenting, Superstar and Headliner. The shades I can compare them to is MUFE's 'Quickie' and 'Walk of shame'.

Superstar is a gorgeous warm toned, deep rosey pink, with a generous dash of coral shot through it. If you cannot stand doll like cheeks, this would be the perfect pink for you. It livens up the complexion immediately and is the only pop of colour you'll need on your face, if your're wearing this.

Headliner is a a stunning lilac, baby pink with a slight hint of sheen through it. If MAC Welldressed blush had a liquid version, this would be it. It's the complete opposite of Superstar as it's cool toned, with a Kim K brightening and lightening effect to it. This one's a must have for all skin tones! Especially if your yellow/olive toned, this works quite well to light up sallow complexions.

They are uber pigmented which is the scary bit as it's surely not something you can easily pop on in the morning before work or in your car without a mirror. It makes a little bit of mess on the back of the hand where there is always excess remaining that you do not need to slap on the face. If that's not it, it takes a good few minutes and tap full of hot water to get it off from the back of the hand.

It's more geared for the diva who likes to take time with her make-up in my opinion and a few stippling brushes lying around here and there to faff around with. Having said that, it's not difficult to use or hard to blend even with fingers to be fair. The thick texture is foolproof and can create a seamless flush if used sparingly.

It is very long lasting on the skin, does not budge and has a lovely, dewy finish albeit not oily. Now I have only heard people singing praises of the MUFE HD Blush but never managed to give it a try as I am not willing to fork out that amount of money on a liquid blush. Hence in my opinion, this is the perfect dupe for it in the market right now, considering the tonne of product you get, the daring shades available and how similar it looks to it's counterpart.

Oh and if I had to choose a desert island product, it would include this. The tonne of product in here to last a lifetime (literally!) will at least make sure I am always glowing.

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