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Concerts, Seminars & Chessecake

Monday 3rd April

An afternoon and evening on set at the studio. Bright lights and noises similar to a casino. We're filming a new tv show, a game show. Something light and fun, fluffy and kinda trivial and silly to me though, as someone who finds reality tv and all the loud ads overwhelming. Why would you fill your time and brain with this? Never been one to fit in I don't know why anyone watches these thing. Other than a wind down from work thing, nope.

We got there around 1pm though didn't start till 2pm due to tech issues. Ushered in, seated and taught to respond to cues, when to clap, cheer, stop and make all the noises. Hence the ringmaster and the circus. Stephen K Amos was there and he was hilarious!

Here's a sneak peak.


It took three visits for us to find the pepper in pepper lunch XD our first visit to the Glenferrie branch just up the road from the house. Lured by the student deals we ordered the $7 dish.

To a meeting, then the house and back for a workshop.

Wardrobe De-Cluttering with Dr Declutter

In the age of consumerism, we all have too much and need to let go, but the struggle is real! It's more about organizing rather than styling tonight, here are some tips:

1. Only things you're wearing now live in the wardrobe. This month. Send your wedding dress into storage. This is prime estate.
2. Look at Howard's - for inspiration. But here they're $$$!! Shop at Kmart, stalk Aldi.
3. Use space bags to store seasonal clothing.

I honestly didn't learn much as I knew a lot if it already, as a type A planner kinda girl. But if you have any questions I'm happy to answer them. 


Lunch at Hooked Fish and Chips. Its been on the list for years.
Today we had a meeting nearby and made it happen.

Chatime. Matcha latte. 50% ice. Full sugar. Wasn't that sweet though there's a powdery aftertaste. $5.50 no toppings. Red bean was the recommendation. I won't be getting this one again, matcha lattes with condense milk are my thing. 


We made a light cheesecake crossed with a cake, the texture is very interesting, much like another yellow cake I've had before though can't quite name. The next day the top was dry, so pop it in an airtight box! Best served on the day. The first of a few cheesecakes coming up.

Two shows tonight, an adult puppet show at Crown that was amusing. I can't believe people actually do this, as a guy at the tram stop said, you're basically being paid to travel around the world and getting paid to play with yourself. XD

Upright to the Chinese museum in china town we saw an Indian guy from Sydney, who was quite funny. He spoke of being 30-something and not married, and Indian traditions and things white people have taken and given their own twist. e.g. namesta doesn't mean the light in my soul sees/touches yours bs, for those who do yoga; and the karma suta isn't just a sex guide, it's a guide to life and that's just a tiny chapter of it. He said it was like saying hitler was a painter, there's so much more than that.

An evening at Hamer Hall, it was pretty awesome though they missed Meet the Robinsons there was UP and all three Toy Stories! Here's what you missed.


We were going to go to the ballet, but in the blink of an eye and the thought "we still have time for a last hug" mean 10.15 became 4.30pm before we knew it!

After dinner we made two cakes! The first experimented with egg whites, does it get as big straight from the fridge? Yeah it's about the same. 

We made the same mistake (though I didn't figure it out till afterwards) of lining the sides. This causes the cake not to rise perfectly - I think.

Made another cake, despite the similar method and just the addition of milk and flour, the second cake is a cake cake, while the first is a cheesexcake hybrid. Most of it is cottony goodness - I have had this cake from asian bakeries before, but never homemade....

We're only sharing the first cake as it was a success a second time, minus the sides (next time) while it was our first time making the second cake. 

I love that these cakes were pretty cheap to make, it was just a lot of eggs and pantry items I have already as a baker. 


A concert at town hall, a performance that was very good though the venue felt too big for such a thing. Le beau was a Fred & Ginger Rogers fan. They were an amazing couple. #dancegoals

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