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Best Blogger Tips Alexa Ranking Under 100,000 in Just 2 Months

 Best Blogger Tips Alexa Ranking Under 100,000 in Just 2 Months
Every Blogger wants to his blog is on the top.  Alexa ranking is one of the top demands of bloggers. Each blogger want to get alexa ranking under 100,000. Why it is so important? It is because it shows site reputation and traffic statistics. Even if you are willing to sell ad spot on your blog then alexa ranking is the first thing that advertisers look. The better you ranking, the more you earn from your blog monetizing programs. If you are a regular reader of my blog Blogger Tips and Tricks, then you may notice that this blog is now comes under 100K in alexa ranking in just 2 months of starting the blog. For professional bloggers this may not be a big deal. But this is an ACHIEVEMENT for me. How I achieve this goal. There are many ways to improve ranking but in this post I'll share my own experience and personal tips on How to improve alexa ranking under 100,000.

Tips to Improve Alexa Ranking

Below I am going to share all of my strategies which help me to get this noticeable ranking in just two months. Please follow all the strategies in sequence because it matters a lot.

improve alexa ranking

  1. Once I setup my blog on blogger, the first thing I do is register an account on alexa.

  2. Then I claimed my blog on it. After I claim my blog, it starts showing my ranking on next day. Normally it takes few days to start showing ranking of a new blog.
  1. Then I add an alexa's widget into my blog and a toolbar in my web browser.

  2. Once I setup all these things, I make a strategy to publish unique, original and SEO friendly content on my blog on regular basis approximately on same timing which helps me to improve my alexa ranking super fast.

  3. Higher ranking also depends on quality backlinks and traffic. So, I start making quality backlinks for my blog that also helps me to increase my blog traffic. It helps me a lot to improve my ranking day by day.

  4. Must Read:
  1. To increase targeted traffic on my blog, I start to be a guest author on top blogs. I start submitting my original content on big blogs that gives more exposure to my blog and a big improvement in my alexa ranking.

  2. To gain organic traffic I start optimizing my blog and applied SEO to my blog that really help me to build up my blog in search engines.

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