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Animal Madness

I've recently become quite obsessed with animal themed jewellery. Aside from kitsch horse or unicorn stuff, I've never been all that interested in those snake bangles or tiger necklaces, however I've now developed quite an obsession and can't get enough of them! I love my unicorn shaped ring from Topshop and was gutted to miss out on this cute giraffe one they had on the site last week, I knew it would go quickly! There is also a swan version and a (more expensive) parrot (super cute) and loads of other animal necklaces etc. I bought this lovely vintage looking kitten necklace and brooch from Plastic Bat the other week. The colours are gorgeous and although I'm not a cat lover, I love the graphic and adore the lace detail on the brooch.
After coming home with nothing from the shops on Tuesday, I headed online to purchase these from ASOS. The ring is ah-mazing, it's massive and girly and sparkly! The chain necklace with zebra, bird, snake and giraffe is unusual and unlike anything I own. It actually looks really expensive with the stones and colours.

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