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And the Winner Is...

And we have a winner! I know this was supposed to be out on the 1st of April, but it got delayed because I was travelling (I swear, I wasn't trying to prank you guys!). For the past week I've had my behind frozen in Edinburgh, had my why-is-it-snowing-in-April moment in the Scottish Highlands, saw Shakespeare's home in Stratford-upon-Avon (a little disappointing, frankly, but I guess not much survives from the 1500s), and went to the beautiful towns of York, Cambridge, and Oxford (coincidentally I actually have friends studying in all of the 3 universities there, but unfortunately I only had time to meet up one of them - such a waste). And of course I went to Bicester Village for some outlet shopping - which you KNOW means I bought makeup (just when you thought I had a life outside of makeup, LOL). It's a really tiny haul, but I got a longtime lemming! Woohoo! Lemming fulfilled!

Anyway, this means that while I was able to keep a sense of normalcy when it comes to blog posting (because I can schedule posts to go up even when I'm away, and I do that because I love y'all and I know you'll miss me - HAH, I guess only my imaginary puppy will notice I'm gone), I wasn't able to draw a winner til just now.

So here we go! I asked my good friend Random.Org to help me pick a winner:

Random.Org has spoken! Our winner is Victoria! Congratulations Victoria! And thank you for taking part everyone!

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