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Jordana Blush Powder 45 Apple Cheeks

When I was researching Jordana's products, two caught my eye due to high ratings - their matte lipsticks and blushes. I've tried the former and they really are as amazing as everyone says, but I've only now had to chance to try one of their blushes and I got one of the brightest one in the selection.

Texture: It's one of those slightly harder blushes, which is in this case definitely a good thing, since I own such a bright shade. Apple Cheeks is very pigmented, so I need to use a very light hand when applying it. I take some colour off on the back of my hand before applying it and I slowly build up a cute, rosy flush. 

Colour and finish: I got one of the dark shades in the bunch and I have absolutely nothing like it in my collection (not even in that Freedom Makeup Pro Blush palette, pictured at the end of the post). It's a matte bright, warm pink-red shade, basically a classic "fairy-tale" blush colour that gives those cute "I just came from the cold" flush. It reminds me of those bright Mac shades like Azalea, Salsa Rose and Rhubarb, so I think that those with darker skin tones with really appreciate this blush. The colour selection is quite big and I hear they have everything including classic peachy-pinks, which pretty much everyone loves and a nice selection of finishes.  

Staying power: Since it's such a pigmented blush, it lasts really well, but not always and it think it has more to do with my foundation. But it did last at least 8 hours sometimes when I wore it.

Packaging: It's quite a small blush, though I'm unsure how deep the pan actually is. It's plastic and the cap screws on.

Price and availability: Mine is from Click2Chic where it costs 3.79 €, international readers can get it on Beauty Joint.

For the price it's a lovely little blush that's very pigmented, doesn't look powdery or patchy and lasts nicely on the cheeks. There are rare brands that have such a big selection of shades and there aren't many cheap bright shades that are also matte, so if you're looking for affordable such shades, you can find them here. 

Have a great day!

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