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Entre Derm Instant Lift

This is another installment of products from the Entre Derm skincare system.  So far, we have looked at the Night and Day creams from this line and the overall technology that sets the line apart from other skincare companies.  I was sent this kit from a PR company at the beginning of spring and I have been working with each product individually ever since.  So far, I have really liked the Day Cream but thought that the Night Cream needed an improvement in the formulation.  The product that I have been using intensly for the past month is the Instant Lift, the product specially formulated for use around the eye area.  In theory, the technology behind the patented Somazone delivery system should be especially beneficial for the delicate eye area.  But we will see how this theory actually plays out in the product...

If this is the first time that you are reading about the Entre Derm system, I will provide a quick recap of the technology that makes this company unique.  Somazone is a patented anti-aging techniqie that is used by this company for protein delivery.  Collagen and other essential skin proteins are larger in size and therefore aren't always effectively absorbed into the skin.  Somazone takes these molecules and uses the patented delivery system to drive them right down in through the epidermis.  The skin around the eyes is very thin, making this area a prime target for anti-aging measures.

"The delicate skin around the eye does not contain fatty tissue and is therefore highly susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles.  The Entre Derm Instant Lift formula infuses the area with collagen and other active ingredients to tighten and protect.  Achieve a refreshed firmer look around the lid and under-eye areas instantly."  This is anotehr product from Entre Derm that I willing to bet has some great anti-aging benefits to it but the texture just didn't work for me.

This eye cream is on the thicker side and comes in a pot instead of a tube or pump bottle.  I normally prefer my eye creams in pumps of tubes so already this one didn't start at well for me.  The formula is a thick cream and seems to be the best at anti-aging and hydrating.  However, neither of those two issues are the ones the plague my under-eye areas; I have issues with puffiness and dark circles.  This cream isn't targeted for either of those two issues so I don't reap the benefits of what it is made to do and instead, I must use this in conjunction with an eye cream that helps to depuff and reduce dark circles.  I use this cream at night and the lighter one in the daytime.

This eye cream really keeps my eye area hydrated, so I would recommend this more in the wintertime or for very dry skin types.  I find the large range of textures to be one of the most confusing parts of this line; the Night Cream didn't seem as rich as the Day Cream and now the Instant Lift is so thick and rich that it can't be used by people unless they have dry skin around the eyes.  I feel like their is no consistency between the formulas, usually a line is fully targeted for one skin type.  This line doesn't seem like it has a target skin type so I can't really recommend this entire line for many people; it is better to recommend pieces of the line. 

photo courtesy of Entre Derm

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