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I'm Still Here!

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past couple of days. I've just been feeling a bit down in the dumps and uninspired! I promised to get through the backlog of images, reviews, swatches etc that I have, but when it came down to it, my heart just wasn't it and I don't know why, because the material is pretty good and definitely worth writing about-it's just me being weird!

The snow seems to have put me out of my routine which is strange considering I'm pretty much housebound anyway. If I hear one more person complaining about how awful it is to be stuck indoors for "1 day" though, I'll strangle them! Try it for 8 1/2 years then get back to me! Anyway, I've been watching YouTube videos to cheer me up and did you see Backstreet Boys with NKOTB at the AMA's? In the words of Amanda from Ugly Betty, "I peed a little"! Seriously! I wasn't even a massive fan of BB back in the day, although I like some of their songs (mainly ballads and Everybody (Backstreet's Back) will always get me dancing) but in general boybands do it for me, as uncool as it is to say that, haha! Even at 30, I still get excited by a whoosh of fire and a row of guys dancing-why is that? Cliched boyband moves maybe, but you know what? Nobody does 'boyband' like true boybands! Legends!!

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