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Weekend Food Tripping at: Gerry's Grill, Tagaytay

Hola friends!!!

Early this year, we had a quick trip to Tagaytay City. It's quite close to Manila, where the World's smallest volcano Taal Volcano is located. It's approximately 1 1/2 hours of driving. The weather is cooler as Tagaytay is located "up" there, it was super windy which makes it even worst! I'm glad we brought our jackets cause I thought people were exaggerating when they say it's cold! :)

Anyways, we stopped by at a good Filipino Restaurant called Gerry's Grill. All the restaurants at Tagaytay at that time was packed because of the holidays. We had to wait for 20 minutes for our seat and when we finally had our seat, we waited for another 40minutes for the meal!!! Oh no right? And I was super hungry and cold that time as it's windy and the restaurant is an open-air type of restuarant!!!

Here's what we ordered which got cold after 5 minutes! lol

Sinigang na Baboy
Sour Soup with Tamarind as Sour agent
plus Pork and vegetables

Approx Php180++ (approx $3.00-4.00)

Gambas or Spicy Prawns
This is a great Filipino Appetizer.

Prawns sauteed in hot pepper sauce, tomatos and chilis with egg

Approx Php200+ (approx $4.00-5.00)

Clubhouse Sandwhich (Gerry's Grill Style)
I love this!
This is my favorite!

Regular clubhouse sandwhich ingredients topped with melted cheese!

Approx Php235++ (approx $5.00-6.00)

Actually we still have one dish called Sisig! It's considered exotic food to other culture. We forgot to take a photo of it as everyone was HUNGRY!!!! (I took a photo from the web)

*photo credit from Pinoyrecipe.net

It looks delicious huh? But here's what Sisig really is ---

Sisig is actually made of chopped parts of the pig's head -- ears, snout, etc.... Gross? LOL it actually ain't that gross. But over the years, some people who are uneasy to try on these type of dishes reinvented a new version using minced meat served on a sizzling platter with chili, liver, onion, seasoned with Local Lemons called Calamansi and vinegar.

Anyways, it honestly tastes good. Knowing me, I'm not an adventurous food eater, if I can chow this down, yes you can! :)

Before I end this food post, I want to share to you gals that I'm not a rice eater, but when it comes to Filipino-styled Garlic Rice!!! Count me in!!!!

Garlic Rice

It was a great trip and we played at the children's playground of Hotel Kimberly, it was our 2nd time to be there,we love the Hotel so much! Smile and click here for the review of this hotel!

And before I really end this post ...lol

Upcoming reviews!!!

I finally have my own Skin79 VIP Gold Collection
and a sample size of the Pink version Super Beblesh Balm BB Cream!!!
Check back for reviews soon!!! :)

Have a great week ahead everyone!
Stay Happy!

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