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Yaaron ki Baraat - Friendship forever

Hello everyone,
What is life without friends?? Can't imagine one isn't it?? From our childhood until we grow up we make so many friends and continue to do so in our lifetime. They say what friends can do nobody can't and that is very true. Friends cheer you up when you are sad, feel for you, bear your tantrums and not to forget they never forget you if they are truly your first friend.

My childhood friend Sylvester has always been a true friend to me over the years.We were from the same batch and lived close to each other's house as well. At that time we never had smartphones nor any computer. When we were going to pass out from school in the last year is when we got introduced to it. So when college was over we went our separate ways which happens with every friend and were not in touch with each other.

As time changes friends do as well. Some get married, some have kids, some go abroad. The time I met him I was not into the friendship thing because of certain bitter experiences I had to go through in my life. So I did not meet him that much but we were in touch over WhatsApp. It was a struggle phase for him in terms of career as well. As I was struggling I always told him my sad and melancholy stories and he would listen without saying a word.In fact he would always encourage and motivate me by saying that everything will be ok, trust in God and his plans.I always admired his positive attitude towards his problems and his patience to handle them.Now that he works in Kuwait as a flight attendent I am so happy for him and even though he is so far still manages to call me and talk for hours about life. 

Zee TV's new show Yaaron ki Baraat which starts from 8th October 2016 caught my attention and  celebrates the bond of true friendship. Amitabh Bachhan and Shatrughan Sinha are the first guests and it will be fun when they are put through games and activities during the show which will test their friendship and also put the notion to rest that celebrities cannot be the best of friends. Would also get to hear about their bond of friendship and life experiences.The chat show will be hosted by Sajid Khan and Riteish Deshmukh. So do not forget to tune into Zee Tv this Saturday at 8pm.

The bond of friendship is something we cannot put into words sometimes. Memories good or bad are all a part and parcel of friendship. With a best friend in your life, everything seems good and you know there is that one person who is always there for you.What does friendship mean to you?? You have anything to tell me about your friend, any incident?? Leave a comment below would love to know your story.

Until next time... Take care xoxo

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