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TVXQ’s ‘Shilla Duty Free’ CFs released!

TVXQ has unveiled their CF for ‘Shilla Duty Free‘, and lucky for us, we got not one, not two, but three different versions!

In the commercial, we see Yunho running furiously towards Changmin, who’s a bit busy trying to lock lips with a girl. ‘Version B’ continues from where the first CF left off, only the lady seems a little less than pleased with Changmin, and endeavors to beat him up with a luxury bag (that’s of course stocked with luxury cosmetics). Finally in ‘Version C’, we seem to go back in time, as Yunho is still running for the couple, who are getting very intimate outside the shops.

Each version ends with the phrase, “My journey begins. The Shilla Duty Free.”

It’s a big question as to how this commercial relates to shopping at all, but one thing is certain: eye candy for everyone!

Check out the commercials below!

source: allkpop

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