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Fashion Magazine

fashion magazine
From left: Erin Featherston’s black-and-white shift with race track

BERLIN — Rihanna’s personal wardrobe stylist Mel Ottenberg has been appointed fashion director of 032c magazine. The bi-annual, English language publication based here focuses on contemporary fashion, art and politics. Ottenberg had worked on the last I need more, and Rising Star Games’ Girls’ Fashion Shoot is going to have to fill that void. Once I knew it was appearing at E3 2013, my decision was made. I had to go forth and attempt to prove myself as a model. Girls’ Fashion Shoot begins with a Emailing an article to friend is a simple way to share a news item. Your friend will receive an email with your name and email address as well any personal message you choose to send. The information you provide on this page will not be used to send The collection includes fashionable dresses owned by Diana Vreeland, the editor-in-chief of world renowned fashion magazines including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar during the 60’s. Vreeland holds credits for the launch and success of leading fashion This week: an incredibly useful new site and app called Magnetique. “We see Magnetique as a way to extend the excitement people get when they read a fashion magazine,” the start-up’s CEO, Martha Pease, told us. “But at the same time, it can be a to end all fashion magazines might feature Katy Perry on its hallowed cover, we practically lit fireworks in her honor. Vogue debuted Katy's July cover on their website today and little else. The mag writes that the photo was shot by .

This highly anticipated event t ook place at the historic Fairmont Hotel where socialite and humanitarian Marilyn Cabak and international fashion magazine Luxetigers, founded by Victor Vargas, hosted “Fashion & Philanthropy in the Penthouse”. [by Joy Kim] JYJ’s XIA, also known as Kim Jun su announced his comeback with his second solo album and he made the cover of a fashion magazine will be on July issue of fashion magazine Marie Claire. (photo by Marie Claire Korea) Deola Sagoe looks stunning as she covers the June Edition of Genevieve Magazine. The fashion icon who is rarely seen in or on magazines is featured in the magazine’s iconic edition, joining the list of celebrities who have graced the various iconic Ladies, it's time to throw the style in the trash (Ethan Miller/Getty Images) Footwear’s platform affliction, one which had lain dormant since the early eighties, was again set loose upon society around 2003, when the Olsen twins .


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fashion magazine

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fashion magazine

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fashion magazine

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fashion magazine

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