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DVD Release: Kelly Reilly's 'Me and Orson Welles' film with Zac Efron on DVD now and available only at Target

Just noticed earlier today at Target's New DVD release section that Kelly Reilly's 2009 film, Me and Orson Welles, which opened in [limited release] U.S theaters about 9 months ago (November 25th) was just recently released on DVD last August 17th (exclusively only at Target)! She co-starred in this film with High School Musical's Zac Efron and Claire Danes. View more DVD details at Amazon! Visit the official Facebook page here for this movie!

Based in real theatrical history, "Me and Orson Welles " is a romantic coming-of-age story about a teenage actor who lucks into a role in Julius Caesar as it's being re-imagined by a brilliant, impetuous young director named Orson Welles at his newly-founded Mercury Theater in NYC, 1937. The rollercoaster week leading up to opening night has the charismatic-but-sometimes-cruel Welles (impressive newcomer Christian McKay) staking his career on this risky production while Richard (Zac Efron) mixes with everyone from starlets to stagehands in behind-the-scenes adventures bound to change him. [Ace Showbiz

Me and Orson Welles HQ Trailer Caps
(featuring Kelly Reilly)
[click images below to enlarge!]

Watch the trailer for Me and Orson Welles
(and more screen caps after the cut)...

[source: Trailer Addict]

Plus I also capped the following...
screen caps of Kelly Reilly from Me and Orson Welles website

Me and Orson Welles still featuring Kelly Reilly

 [source: Ace Showbiz | Copyright © Freestyle Releasing. All Rights Reserved]

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