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Dead Deer discovered outside a Chinese restaurant in Huntsville in preparation for slaughter

Armando Arturo
   A dead deer was discovered and photographed outside a Chinese restaurant and is further evidence of the mystery meat and cost cutting measures of these Chinese kitchens and Japanese mystery steak places. The photographed went viral and the roadkill quickly snapped up and brought into the kitchen area for preparation should be a sign that the meat you eat from these Chinese eateries should be always questioned.
 Chinese restaurants are everywhere in America even in places where there is Little population of Chinese folks and the methods used for Chinese business to be successful undoubtedly would include scooping up any type of meat one can get for free to serve at full price. This photo went viral and demonstrated the untruthfulness of this Chinese family who refused to admit that this deer would of found itself on the days menu. the deer carcus outside Chin's chop Suey in Huntsville,Alabama would of been chopped and thrown in the various rat meat,mice meat,squirrel,meat, pig snout meat, beaver meat,and gay gorilla meat found and any other dead rotting thing the owners may have driven by and picked up fresh off the dirty leaves and the dead ground. Do not eat at chinese cheap kitchens people.

Editors note: This restaurant was actually a Japanese steak hose called Ibuchin or something. Needs less to say stay away as they had enough time to drain their freezer of road kill before health inspectors could send out an investigative team and the workers who wished to exchange meat products for themselves were not fired and still working in this restaurant.
  Randolph Perkins IV

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