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Helen @ the Beach

Happy birthday to Oscar winning sexpot Dame Helen Mirren who turns 63 today. Here she is vacationing in Italy... (wait for it)... last week !


Damn woman! Put some clothes back on. You're making the rest of the world feel all mortal, flabby and hideous. Yes, even the thirtysomethings. Helen is shielding her eyes because the heavens just parted so the angels could gawk at her. For what it's worth the man wearing the clashing t-shirt --I guess she doesn't dress him-- is her husband, director Taylor Hackford (Ray, The Devil's Advocate) more commonly referred to by his alternate title "Luckiest Man Alive".

Time capsule (last week... er)
While paparazzi were losing their shit over Helen at the beach, the masses were losing their shit over The Dark Knight @ the multiplexes, Whedonites were losing their shit over Dr. Horrible (including yours truly) @ the internets, John McCain was losing his shit @ war planning (not that it wasn't already lost) and hopefully he will still be losing losing losing come November's general election. How shitty would 4 more years of this nightmare be?

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