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Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers and Dr Anthony Fauci hunker down for nightly news briefs and lowering each others briefs

      Mitch Welch
     Lame brain Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers and tweedle dum Anthony Fauci has  discovered one another and now the pair have been inseparable lovers and fuckers of both their anus holes. Dr Anthony Fauci is the directer of the department of infectious diseases and disrupts and bad Wisconsin Governor Tony Ever sis a lefties old troll unlike any other. Both of these pieces of shit are ass fucks and a half having made more love to hairy ass than women and these two jagoffs deserve one another. According to our sources the two have become a pair and are hunkering down
after each others lies and misrepresentation briefs to the public into trying to spread fear and media television stare on the mainstream media. Both of these ugly old trolls are hunkering down in Tony ever's downtown Milwaukee apartment and making love to the wee morning hours of depraved homosex anal but plug sex. Tony Evers  and Dr Anthony are old homely men who never had fun and seek to deny fun and public gatherings and parties for other people as the Jew and this bad governor seek to repress the civil liberates and rights ordained to Americans and fought bu our ancestors that now is
in direct attack by these authoritarian politicians and health officials that can work together to repress and destroy our freedoms. these two guys could ever gt the OK Boomer girl and basically when these two old pieces of shit talk young folks so OK boomer and realize this Coronvirus scam is an attempt   to add more trillions to our economy for struggling and money losing business and government leeches of the OK Boomer generation. these tow old fucks are attempting to repress opportunities and fun for the young g generation and this is a shame and basically boomer s and fraudsters like Anthony and his new live governor Evers need to die off long with Oprah Winfrey.
They could never get the OK Boomer girl. I am done for the night going to collect my Jungle Juice and Super Rush poppers and my various tablets get under the covers and bust a coupe of nuts  tonight watching this OK Boomer girl and a ten hour loop  three tablet fun on YouTube until I fall asleep and get through this lock down.

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