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The First Thing I Heard...

When I woke up to the radio alarm was
...like how big their toolbox is.
Heh. What an odd sentence to wake up too. So why not carry this opening line over into a quiz for you. Can you guess which films these first lines of dialogue are from? Highlight under the quote to see the correct answer and who first guessed it. Everything has been identified now. You didn't even need any clues. Well done!

01 "Did that bad monster try to fight with Muddy's little baby? My darling!"
The Women (1939) was guessed by Ben. It's about 1,000,000 times better than the new one.
02 "The Road to Reality. Don't wanna be going there"
Jeff GP is Happy-Go-Lucky
03 "Where've you been? I've been waiting since 7:00"
The Z knew this was Zodiac. The young couple is off to buy fireworks after this sentence
"What do we care if we were expelled from college? The war is gonna start any day"
It's Gone With the Wind. David C loves that movie
05 "I shall tell you of _____. Historians from England will say I am a liar, but history is written by those who have hanged heroes."
Braveheart. Guessed by Chris

06 "Forget it. It's too risky. I'm through doing that shit"
It's Pulp Fiction, honeybunny. Correctly guessed by Remy

07 "In a far away land long ago lived a King and his fair Queen. Many years had they longed for a child..."
Sleeping Beauty guessed by Garen

08 "Craig, honey, it's time for bed" "Craig, honey, it's time to wake up."
Being Joe Reid... I mean Being John Malkovich.
09 "Have you ever seen so many gulls?"
Alice knows about The Birds

"Get that thing away. Has that ugly mutt had its shots?"
Satlure recognizes The Women (2008)

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