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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Emmy's Party Weekend

EMMY PARTY WEEKEND This last weekend was "Emmy Awards" weekend in Los Angeles. Luckily, because of my friend Jane, I was invited to several events, but alas not the actual award show. I know, everyone asked me,"Why weren't you invited? You were on the show..." Yes, Project Runway was nominated, but the awards are for the producers of the show, not the performers (is that what we are?) , so I hope that answers most people's inquiries. Needless to say, on Friday night I attended my first pre-Emmy party, the Gersch Agency Party (Gersch is one of the most respected agencies in town). It was held at the fabulous Sunset Tower Hotel in the newly-opened "Terrace", overlooking its sleek pool and the stunning views of Los Angeles. Fellow Season 2 Designers, my buddies Raymundo Baltazar and John Wade went with me, and we joined our "date", Jane. There was an abundant yet typical LA-calorie-conscious buffet (no meatloaf and onion rings here kids!) and an open bar (hello!). We saw lots of "stars", including Kevin Nealon of "Saturday Night Live", Jeff Goldblum (whom John knows rather well since he is a regular client at Marc Jacobs, where John works) the beautiful Kira Sedgwick(wearing an elegant strapless cocktail dress) with sexy hubby, Kevin Bacon, looking very "Hollywood Rock & Roll", with a vintage-like T-shirt and fitted jacket. He looked like he went to Kitson on Robertson and said to the sales people, "Dress Me!" I felt a bit out of place amongst these Hollywood "stars", so I kept eating and drinking! We also spotted another fellow designer, Santino Rice, looking very incognito with his "sunglasses-at-night" look. The next night was the Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy soiree, co-hosted by Revlon. I took David with me and did the "Red Carpet" walk of shame. Some photographers knew who I was, others were clueless , and that's fine. I didn't even make the "cut" for "WireImage"!! I didn't feel so bad when one of those cute guys from MTV's "Laguna Beach" was told to "go around" while they led me to the Red Carpet. Oops! Inside , we enjoyed flavored Martinis and mini-burgers. I threw my mini-burger under the table the minute I spotted the ultra chic Nina Garcia. I had not even spoken to her since I left the show so it was nice to enjoy her in a less formal setting. She looked divine in a gilded Prada dress. I almost went home and called it a night after she told me that I was one of her favorites and was very sad to see me go home. I am sure she says that to everyone, but it was classy and she made me feel special, like Sally Field at the Oscars: "You Like Me, You Really like Me?" The scene at the "EW" party was insane, I was surrounded by so many stars that it was difficult to keep my jaw from dropping. In the one room there was Angie Harmon, Zach Braff, Ivanka Trump, and Mathew Perry. The highlights of my evening, besides hanging out with Tim Gunn and my favorite producers of the show, the HOT Michael Rucker and Ben Mack, was when Dule Hill, star of "The West Wing" came up to me and told me that he loved the show and that I was his favorite designer from the last season. I was like, "Are you kidding me?". I also chatted away with former NSync singer, Lance Bass, who was very sweet ( he did not know much about the show, saying that he hadn't watched it) Then, Sarah Chalke, actress from "Scrubs", approached me and gushed with some wonderful compliments. She looked ethereal , by the way, in a nude colored Luisa Beccaria made from silk tulle and taffeta. The best was saved for last: imposing actor Denis Leary comes up to me, while I was talking to someone(probably myself!), and I swear I thought he was going to hit me or something. He just gives you that "air". It could not have been further from the truth. He said :"Do you mind if I introduce you to my son and daughter? They love you and they would be very mad at me if I didn't have you meet them!" Too much! I looked around and wondered why was I the only "Project Runway" designer at this fabulous party? Where were the other designers? Season 2 and 3? The party had really come to its climax the minute I looked up and saw Miss Lindsay Lohan DJ'ing!! I thought, OK it is time to go. This is really turning into an "Us Weekly " paparazzi event. By the looks of things , I assume she did not have to get up early to film any movie scenes. Her DJ'ing was kind of good, and her top was really cute too!

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