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Jess Glynne takes her seat

Jess Glynne takes her seat

Jess Glynne’s career was going very well. Her early hits were doing very well in the charts, going all the way to number one. She was becoming a star. She had a really good voice and was now famous. She was beginning to be asked to do all sorts of shows on television and on the radio.  She was selected as a possible guest on Let Her Have It. She agreed to do it, despite being somewhat apprehensive of what was going to happen. She didn’t know the exact details, but she knew that she would be facing a decent amount of mess.

On the day, Jess wore a fancy, tight fitting, low cut black dress like the one she had worn in concert and at award ceremonies on the past. It showed off her pale skin and curly red hair. She had a good sense of humour and she was certainly going to need it on this day. Jess ran into Mr. G. backstage before the show. She began to speak to him. “So, what am I getting dumped over me today then?,” she asked, jokingly. “If I told you, it would spoil the surprise,” he retorted. She laughed. “I am in for a mess then, I take it?” “Um, yeah,” he responded. They both chuckled. “Fair enough,” she replied, “An embarrassing evening for me then.”

Jess was welcomed to the show as always and took her place on the couch across from Mr. G. He welcomed her to the show. They talked for a little while and then he blurted out. “So, how do you feel about getting messy?” “I’m intrigued to be honest,” she replied,” The anticipation is killing me. I can’t wait to see what is waiting for me.” She was a bit surprised by her own answer. It was the truth though, she was eager to see and feel what it was going to be like. “To be honest, Jess, I think everyone else feels the same. The world wants to see Jess Glynne get messed. We have something special planned for you as well.”

“What we have is a special seat all prepared for you.” The attention of everyone was called to the back of the stage. There, set up was special seat, almost a throne. It was obvious that there were many devices and things all round it. “Basically, this chair has been designed just for you Jess. Whoever is sat in it will be taken aim at by all of the various devices that you see. It is perfectly calibrated to hit its target, that being yourself, Jess Glynne.” Jess laughed. She followed him over to the seat and got into it.  He locked in a seatbelt at her waist as well as some arm restraints on the arms of the chair.

“So Jess, are you ready? Sitting comfortably?” “Oh God,” she chuckled,” Yeah ok, bring it on then,” she said. “Let’s hear it for her, what a good sport,” he said. He stepped away, clearing way for the machines around the chair to do their job. A loud buzzer noise went off a few times as a sort of warning. Then an enormous pie, instantly flew through the air at great speed. It was launched squarely into Jess’s face. She erupted in fits of laughter as the pie collided with her face with a thud. It hit with such force that pie splattered everywhere in all directions. 

A second pie then flung at her upwards. It hit her right on her bare knees. When it hit, it sent sloppy cream pie all over her legs in both directions, down her calves and up her thighs, up her dress as well. She laughed as she felt it hit her. She then screamed and wiggled her hands as a jet of green gunge exploded upwards over her legs and all the way up her dress. She kicked her legs as the gunge flew upwards, all the way to her neck, splattering everything in its path with sloppy mess. 

Then more gunge exploded from jets on the sides of the chair across Jess’ body and clothing and up into her face. She waved her hands around, laughing as she was splattered by the gunge. Next to come her way was a barrage of chocolate pudding from more jets that appeared to be adjacent to the gunge ones. Thick chocolate pudding squirted upwards and sideways all over Jess. She laughed frantically as she was splattered in the thick mess. It covered her neck and chest, engulfing her cleavage almost completely. She closed her eyes and shook her head.

Another loud buzzing noise then went off and a noise came from above. As Jess looked up, a mountain of spaghetti hoops rained down on her from above. She exploded in laughter as sloppy spaghetti hoops dumped over her from above. They rolled down her forehead and face. They intermingled with her curly red hair, which they seemed to match perfectly. The red sauce and pasta rolled down her face and body. Her hair was soon interlaced with spaghetti hoops. They rolled down her pale face. They dripped from her nose and chin. They covered her cheeks and lips. They seemed to suit her perfectly. She shrugged her shoulders as the hoops continued to drip down her face and hair.

At that point, Jess squirmed and nearly jumped out of her seat. The cause of this wasn’t immediately apparent. As she squirmed though, it eventually became apparent that something within the chair she was sitting on was releasing something onto her body. What was happening was that jets in the chair were releasing rice pudding outwards, into her dress, filling it as it went. She squirmed as she felt it. She did not have very much on underneath the dress. Soon the rice pudding came squirting from all openings in the dress, nearly causing it to burst at the seams. 

Finally, the machine stopped. Mr. G. then approached Jess. “So, Jess, how was that?,” he asked. “Um.. Messy,” she said with a laugh. “Well, you certainly look messy. Thanks so much for appearing on the show and being a good sport.” “My pleasure,” she said, shaking his hand. He undid the belts and she stood up, letting the mess fall freely from her dress and body. She touched her spaghetti hoops lined hair and smiled. She waved to the camera.

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