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'I loved you so much but you never gave a f***, so screw you': No prizes for guessing who Cheryl Cole's new song is about

By Andrea Magrath

Bitter lyrics: Cheryl Cole is believed to have hit out at her ex-husband in a new song called Screw You

Despite divorcing in September 2010, Cheryl Cole is rumoured to have remained in close contact with her ex-husband Ashley, who she has admitted that she will 'always love.'

But it appears that the singer, 28, may have finally gotten over her lingering affection for the love rat - and hit out at him in a song on her upcoming album.

Lyrics from a song entitled 'Screw You' have been published in The Sun, and are believed to be directed at the 31-year-old Chelsea player.

In the expletive-heavy song, Cheryl rants: 'Can't believe all the s*** I did for you, was so caught up in the love I felt for ya.

'I was never enough, I never got your love.

'I loved you so much but you never gave a f*** so screw you.

'I can still remember our first date, never thought I would scream "I hate ya".'

Cole's last album Messy Little Raindrops was released in November 2010, just two months after she was granted a divorce from Ashley.

Despite expectations, it did not contain references to her dramatic love life.

However at the time Cheryl is believed to have been still considering a reconciliation with the man who cheated on her numerous times, and had only divorced him because of public pressure.

She said during an interview at the time with Piers Morgan: 'Once we get over this obstacle, I hope we can be friends again. A part of me will always love Ashley.'

Love rat: The footballer was pictured out at Aura nightclub in London last night

And she invited the sportsman to her birthday party in June last year, where they are claimed to have been spotted canoodling.

As recently as January, it was alleged that the pair spoke on the phone 'every day' as Cheryl continued to lean on her ex for support following the humiliation of being dumped from X Factor USA.

But after spending much of the past six months in Los Angeles where she has been busy recording her third solo album, Cheryl appears to have a new and fresh outlook - and is confident enough to publicly shame her ex for what he did to her.

A spokesperson for Cheryl declined to comment when contacted by Mail Online.

New material: Cheryl's PA tweeted this picture of the singer in the recording studio in LA last month

'I was never enough, I never got your love': The singer is thought to be directing her message at Ashley Cole, whom she divorced in September 2010


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