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Emma Watson 'insecure about her looks'

Speaking on the set of her latest shoot for i-D, Watson explained how she and the photographer Mariano Vivanco came up with the character of a French maid, which she had to portray.
She said: "This is the second time I've worked with Mariano. He's like my naughty big brother. We do our own thing, leave the world behind and go off to create and invent stuff together,"
"Being myself is a lot of pressure. I feel a lot more insecure being Emma than if I take on a character."
"I wore a little bit of everything for the shoot, including the beautiful Azzaro dress that I ended up wearing for the Lancôme event. Mariano was going crazy, chasing me around the garden, while I was pulling on different dresses and turning every which way.
She continued: "The more I do this, the more I learn what makes a photograph. I love fashion photography, I love partnering with photographers rather than sitting there like a vegetable."

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