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Clarins Everlasting Cushion Foundation SPF50

Image: www.clarins.co.uk
The latest cushion foundation offering from Clarins is their Everlasting Cushion Foundation.

The casing is an attractive white and gold and although white initially looks great, it’s instantly covered in grubby finger marks, not that this affects the functionality at all.

 Inside is a slim line cushioned pad for application. This is great at patting the product onto the skin and reaching the areas in the corners of the nose and under the eyes.

 As with most cushion style foundations, this one applies in a moisturising, fluid veil. An initial light coverage but builds to a medium cover. The best way to achieve the fuller cover is to wait for the first covering to dry and then go in again with your pad to build in the areas you need it.

This would be perfectly suitable for dry to combination skins. Maybe too dewy for an oily skin unless you pop a little powder on top.

 I love the finish; it’s radiant, healthy and simply enhances skin to look a naturally better version of itself with little effort.

This foundation has an exceptionally high SPF 50 so it’s a great choice if you already have sun damage or pigmentation. It also doesn’t flash back so great for weddings or other times when you may be photographed.
 It also has an anti pollution complex to protect the skin from daily aggressors.

Only available in 6 shades which sadly don’t cater for the deeper end of the spectrum.

Available from 24th September 2017 for £31.00 and £23 for the refill inserts.

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