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19 Greatest Movie Cars of All-Time

It’s a scientific fact that even the worst films can be improved by 200% if there is a cool car in it. And it’s not difficult to work out why – we love cars. Simple. We just can’t get enough of them. Sure, they may be destroying our planet and cost us a packet to run, but how else are you get from A to B in style? Public transport? Do us a favour. Walking? Get lost!

Besides, everyone knows that owning a cool car makes you 60 times more attractive to the opposite sex. You can’t argue with those odds.

So in honour of our four-wheeled friends, we have come up with coolest cars ever to appear in movies. It was a difficult task. Let’s just say, there is a load of movies with cars in them. But just so you know, Driving Miss Daisy does not feature on this list.

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