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The American dream is over: Tara Reid is third person to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Evicted: Tara Reid has become the third person to be evicted form the Big Brother house

Tara Reid has become the third person to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The American actress appeared disheartened as she left the house to a loud barrage of boos and waved halfheartedly from the balcony.

Tara, 35, was dressed in a strapless white dress with gold embellishment for the eviction, which saw Darryn Lyons, Lucien Laviscount and Bobby Sabel saved by the public vote.

But in her post-eviction interview Tara was left being booed by the crowd after she saw a section of herself and the actress told Brian she wasn't happy with the way she had been portrayed.

After seeing the clip which showed her telling housemates that she would protect herself and said that Darryn wouldn't be in the house long, the actress became annoyed.

She said: 'I'm not happy with that, I feel like you took the toughest times.'

Tentative wave: The American Pie actress was greeted by a barrage of boos as she left the house and was seen waving looking nervous before her interview

Dowling tried to explain that other sections of the show were shown to the public but Tara was clearly agitated and the TV presenter quickly ended the interview.

He quipped: 'It’s live television it’s fine.'

Earlier in the interview Tara had conceded that it was 'weird' to be outside the house.

'I felt bullied': Tara explained she didn't feel comfortable in the house and said it was like being at school

After being shown her montage of best bits the actress said she didn't know why she had been evicted but revealed that she felt bullied during her time in the house.

She said: 'We shoot it for 24 hours they edit it down to one hour I don’t know what they show.'

Tara added: 'There were a lot of really fun moments it is truly an emotional roller coaster.'

Speaking about the dynamic between the housemates she told Brian: 'It get cliquey in the house it’s like being in school you have this crowd. I felt a little bullied.'

Describing her rel with Darryn she said: 'It was like a love hate relationship. He started giving me dirty looks and being mean it was ridiculous, he is a grown man and then we made up and talked it out and it was cool.'

Awkward interview: While Tara and Brian were all smiles on the podium the post-exit interview turned sour as the actress became upset with how she had been portrayed

She added: 'He was in a lot of people ears. It got to a point where it got crazy.'

Tara wasn't the only one to leave the Big Brother house and yesterday the troublesome twins Jedward were granted a short visit to the outside world.

The Irish brother were called to the diary room, where they found out that they would be doing the shopping themselves in a real supermarket.

Troublemaker: Tara said she had a love hate relationship with Darryn she said he gave her dirty looks and she said: 'He was in a lot of people ears'

Jedward were given 5 minutes to collect all housemates’ orders before leaving the house. Paddy threw a request in for shoe polish; Amy was worried about her biscuits and Kerry just wanted some menthol cigarettes.

The boys arrived at budget supermarket Lidl and were given 2min 30seconds each to gather as much shopping as possible.

Supermarket sweep: Jedward won the task to shop for the house and were given two and a half minutes each to pick up the weekly shop for the whole house

Get bread! John collected £303.46 worth of shopping while Edward collected £200.48 of goods

John went first and whizzed around the aisles to collect £303.46 worth of shopping, with items such 41lb of bananas, 11 large jars of coffee, 2 legs of frozen lamb & a heck of lot of sweets.

Edward went next and swiped £200.48 worth of shopping including 16 boxes of organic eggs, 17 boxes of blueberries and 10 punnets of red grapes.

Jedward, Amy, Kerry, Darryn, Paddy, Lucien and Bobby will be fighting it out in the final on Wednesday.


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