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Sebamed Baby Skincare Products With pH5.5 - Review

Being the mother of a 3years toddler, I always very conscious about his skin...  I don't want to loose his soft smooth baby skin...  As times passes babies loose the softness of their skin and eventually get skin like us...  But the moisture and softness can be stored by using proper skincare products since birth...  Since his birth my first priority was Paraben and other harsh chemical free baby care stuffs...  I have been using few Sebamed products along with some other products since the first day of his birth... 

Today I am going to share few Sebamed baby care stuffs with pH 5. 5 ...  If you are not aware of what is pH5.5 ,  then read this post HERE where  I have written about pH 5.5 and its importance  for baby's skin... 

Well here in this post I will share my opinion on Sebamed baby lotion,  body wash and diaper rash cream.. 

About The Brand - Sebamed is a German based brand and has 50years of experience till now...  Sebamed is one of the top brands in world in baby skincare products...  They have amazing quality baby products with pH5.5 ... They have paraben and other harsh chemical free products...  Let's read my opinion on these Sebamed stuffs...

Sebamed Baby Lotion -

Claims And Ingredients -

Price -Rs 500/- for 100ml.

My Opinion - 

The packaging is very simple though I like cute teddy packaging in baby products but never mind...  The packaging is very sturdy and handy...  It is a sample size of 20ml.  product which I have got...  I have applied this on my skin 2-3 times ...  I have also the full size one as my son is using the Sebamed baby lotion since two years now...  The lotion is white in colour and runny in texture...  It absorbs very quickly and makes his skin hydrated all day long and makes his skin soft and smooth ...  it has very mild fragrance.. I love the Sebamed baby lotion over all baby lotions and totally recommended..

Sebamed Baby Wash -

Claims And Ingredients -

Price - Rs 475/- for 200ml. 

My Opinion -

As you can see in the pictures the baby wash has the same packaging like the baby lotion...  The baby wash is transparent gel kind thing with runny texture... My son is using this since a week now.. He needs only few drops and it lathers so well...  It has no tear formula which is again a good thing about this product...  The babywash makes his body squeaky clean and keeps moisturized but I do apply the baby lotion after this...  I like the babywash too and recommended...

Sebamed Diaper-rash Cream -

Claims And Ingredients  -

Price - Rs510/- for 100ml.

My Opinion - 

The diaper rash cream comes in a tube packaging and has a thick cream texture.  My son doesn't get much rashes since his birth but I do advice if your baby is below six month and wear diapers all the time then do apply diaper rash cream regularly... My son is three years old now and doesn't wear diapers, but I use this cream on mosquito bites and It works perfect on that as well.  I can't comment more on this particular product as I haven't use much...  This cream is again fragrance free... 

Rating - 4.8/5 ( only concern is the price factor ... it seems pricey..)

P.S- PR sample but my opinion is unbiased and honest...

Hope you found this post helpful.. See you in my next post..
Till then bye..

Stay Beautiful

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