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New Season Dawning at Wolford (Part 4)

Okay, we're down to the final six. Over the next two days I'm going to discuss my six favorites of Wolford's Fall/Winter 2009 line. These are the ones that I'm openly lusting over. If I buy anything from Wolford in the upcoming months, it would be a safe bet that it'll come out of the following group.

Let's start with three today. I'm in love with all of these. I'd be happy with any of them. I'm really impressed with the style and detail of these. I hope my local Wolford gets these in, because I'd like to see them in person.

The Carla Tights is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. It's simple in the sense that it's an interpretation of a popular clothing style, but done on tights. In this case, the pattern is fishbone. I can't think of a case where this pattern has been done before.

The pattern is nice, once again, because its versatility. It can be done up with a suit in a sophisticated fashion, or be used for a smart casual look. Not all patterns can be used in a wide variety, so that's part of what sets this one apart. Of course, just as important, it looks great. Its a subtle pattern, but nonetheless it looks very appealing on the wearer. The pattern begins right at the waistband and continues down through the toe. Again, this allows these particular tights to be worn with just about any shoe/clothing combination.

They're made from a blend of 84% nylon and 16% elastane. They are 35 denier. Also, once available, they'll also come in size extra large, which should make them available to more people. Finally they'll cost £27.00 ($44).

The Flora Tights are, perhaps, exactly what you'd expect by the name. They are sheer tights with a delicate floral pattern throughout. The pattern begins right at the waistband and continues right through the toe. The flowers in the pattern are very small and the more detail becomes apparent the closer you look.

These tights are a done in a soft delicate lace. The floral pattern only adds to the femininity of these beuties. Floral patterned tights are certainly popping up everywhere lately, but these are among the most impressive. Judging by the website picture, wearing these tights will stop onlookers dead in their tracks. The detail is just simply remarkable.

Adding to the delicate nature of these tights is the high nylon quotient (92%). The remaining 8% is elastane. The tights are 50 denier and will cost £27.00 ($44).

Last but not least for today is the Melissa Tights. This is another example of sophisticated outerwear patterns done on tights. In this case, the pattern is argyle. Like the floral pattern, argyle is showing up everywhere on tights. Wolford does it a little differently as its a larger, wider pattern and its done in a softer more delicate tone.

The way the pattern is done, once again, helps these tights become appropriate for a wide variety of occasions. These tights can be incorporated into a business wear look or, just as easily, a casual friday look. The tights are sheer throughout and the pattern goes from waist to toe, adding to the versatility of these tights. But, perhaps most importantly, these are gorgeous to look at. While some argyles can be loud and obnoxious, these remain understated and inviting. I'll seriously be considering getting myself a pair of these.

The tights are a blend of 87% nylon and 13% elastane. They are 40 denier. Once available, they'll cost £29.00 ($48). I'll almost certainly be setting some money aside for these. I absolutely love them.

Finally, coming tomorrow is Part 5 of this review, when I unveil my absolute favorites.

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