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Look what I've got...

"What on earth are they?" I heard you say. Reebok EasyTone trainers, silly! :P Haven't you seen any of the adverts? If not, shame on you! 

                                               Here's what Reebok have to say:

"Built on Reebok’s patented muscle-toning sole technology, the EasyTone Trend creates a slight instability, much like walking on sand, which encourages increased muscle activation in three key areas of the leg: the gluteus maximus, hamstrings and calves. Up to 28%, in fact.

* EasyTone balance pod technology encourages up to 11% more toning in the hamstrings and calves, and up to 28% in the glutes
* Full-grain leather/mesh upper for comfort, support and durability"

Anything that tones my legs and bum with minimum effort gets my vote and after seeing the ad I was sold! Now I'll admit I'm a bit (ok, very) lazy when it comes to exercising. This is mainly because I get cramps in my tootsies every 5 minutes! Anyone else suffer these? It's such a pain I tell thee!!

Now, I've only worn these for a week whilst on my way to work (not in the office, obviously), shopping, usual errands and just anywhere I know I will be walking.

I think it is too early to say whether it works or not, but on day 5, I woke up to find my hamstrings and calves were slightly aching. surely it must be doing something, right?

ANYWAY, I will be reporting back on Week 6 with a full-on review and let you know the full deets.

Reebok EasyTone come in trainers and flip flops. Prices range from £55 - £90.

P.S - They look sexy with leggings.

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