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Coco Chanel, 'She didn't do as much as people think'

Yes the title is what came on the tongue of Karl Lagerfeld in an interview he gave few days ago to the International Herald Tribune...
Karl Lagerfeld may have reinvented the Chanel brand but he doesn't faint over the icon,Coco Chanel herself.

In his interview with fashion writer Suzy Menkes for VogueTV, Lagerfeld acknowledges that the iconic French designer broke ground but, really, "she didn't do as much as people think."

He said that other women clothiers were more groundbreaking but since Coco lived longer, she was able to shape her own legacy, "Most importantly, she was a woman of her time," he said.
He told Menkes that when he took over the label, people told him to tread lightly with the designs and the image of the aging brand.

"In a way it was a sleeping beauty. Still beautiful, but sleeping," he said.  "Everyone was trying to do it with respect but if you want to revitalize something, don't do it with respect.  Then it's the final death, then it's over."

Lagerfeld said that while she was the women of the moment in the 1920s and 1930s, she made errors in fashion judgment in her later career by casting scorn on what was really happening in modern fashion, "No one wanted to be told by an old lady that miniskirts and jeans are not chic." He said he chooses rather to focus on the essences of images that remain to build his collections: the pearls, the camellias, the pointed shoe.

Not surprisingly, he said that the smartest thing the brand did to keep the brand vital was to make an essential hire: himself.
The question is, did the dear Karl notice that the brand is losing money and not making any profit few years now and in an older post i exposed the truth behind the dusty brand and if it wasn't for the SS 2011 show , everything else Lagerfeld was doing was presenting huge collection in great shows nothing more than shows and decoration and podiums but when it comes to cloth it was as boring as Chanel herself is now bored in her grave.

Focus dear Karl on what you are and who you are and, at your age you can't be still looking for what you want to do and be lost between design for many brands without presenting anything but your BIG name, or photography as boring as what you did for Fendi or maybe directing movies like the short video you did for Chanel. (PS, press on the red  words to open the links)



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