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Some more shopping...

... I technically bought these items last Monday as well but the Smart Card machine at the Terranova outlet was not working and my babies were left for two days in store waiting for me to pick them up as soon as everything was back to normal. Here's what I got:

Check Shirt Dress... I really like wearing these dresses over leggings and biker boots with a leather jacket. I am a girly girl at heart but I don't mind roughing up my image everyone in a while! Then again, I can always make the look more girly with make-up!  

These polo-necks look great with jeans for a relaxed dressed-down look

Mum and Dad were off to do some errands yesterday while I was at the hospital continuing some testing on a few samples as part of my dissertation.  They got me this lovely Breakfast at Tiffany's tin and they also got a free ceramic pot with their purchase which I am using as a holder for my dirty brushes:

I also received these steel beads and striper brushes which I ordered off ebay a couple of weeks ago. I really like nail art designs with these beads so I got them to use on my clients :)

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