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So ...? Body Fragrance

Enjoy your life by Oby Onyioha
Honestly, I don't like aerosol body sprays. They really do not work with my DNA and they're bad for the environment. I can guarantee you, 100% that an aerosol/body spray just brings out the worst chemicals in my body and believe me when I said I have tried and survived the tests this unwholesome form of "deodorant" has thrown at me. Therefore make it be known that whenever I talk about an aerosol spray it is not as a deodorant or antiperspirant but simply for the fragrance itself. 

So...? Body Fragrance has a spicy rich creamy formal scent. It smells like a rich perfume caught between Poison by Dior and Elizabeth Arden's Red Door. It's such a woman's scent that makes me think of mature elegant ladies who dress in heavy velvet, wear immaculate makeup and are friends with costume jewellery, as well as the real stuff. These are the type of women who are mature but still brimming with childhood enthusiasm for dressing up in the theatre of life. 
Side note: I definitely get church lady vibes from this perfume body spray - you know those ladies who are ornately dressed but have this strong heady confusingly seductive scent that is streaming from their being. To me, this feels like a scent that's on the same level as "war pain makeup" - unashamedly bold in its strong femininity. It's warm, it's comforting though slightly dusty as it almost has a mothball undertone scent .. which sometimes can be smelt on some of those fancy church day suits (imma just sayin)
So...? is a scent for dates, for your first trials in heels and makeup, as well as the professional career woman who has her look on point - its a scent that everyone can enjoy at the various times and seasons in their life.  Sure, it's certainly can be reserved for elegant ladies but, that doesn't mean we all can't play this role especially since I found the body spray for only £1.

Now ... if you don't like strong perfume, you hate cloying scents that create a trail and shudder at the idea of people suggesting you're using the same perfumes as their grandma or nostalgic memoirs - avoid this like the plague. However, if you like strong scents that are unashamedly feline then you will not regret purchasing this. 

Longevity: Doesn't last very long and dries down to a tame bland smudge of its former beginnings. I would definitely recommend carrying this with you if you can to spritz gently throughout the day for your own initial satisfaction. The top notes are so yummy and gorgeous that it will be hard to get to terms with the fact that it doesn't have the same initial intensity throughout. 

Luckily, So..? still manufactures their iconic 1994 scent that I will definitely pick up to see if it lasts longer and get back at you.

Do you like body sprays?
Have you tried any So..? fragrances?

Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated!

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