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Guerlain Perles de Blush Eclat Angelique: from eBay

So I finally bought one of my dream blushes, the Angélique pearl blush by Guerlain. Look at the gorgeous box and the rosey shade of the pearls. It's actually brighter in real life and you only need so little!

It comes with a puff but it's a bad idea to use it. It looks super red because it picks up so much product, and then stains the cheeks in a aristocratic red. Best is to take the softest brush you can find and apply the blush carefully in daylight. In Spring you can use a bit more to put some life back into the cheeks, but definitely check in the harsh light of day.

The pearls looked a little less "various" than I thought they would, but maybe they got shaken in the delivery. I bought new new off eBay so they better be new! They cost me at least 70 euros!

This is what they look like in ads:

So some pearls look three times smaller than others while in real life they're only half the size. The look a little less fresh and white. But overall I think it's ok. Of course there is less in the real packaging, otherwise it wouldn't close.

The pearls have a typical violet scent and I really wish it wasn't so strong. They can cut it down just a little.

Overall I like this blush, it's just a perfect collector's item. It takes some practice to make it look wearable but I think it's worth it. This type of pink is the perfect Spring pink I think.



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