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Gentleman Jim Rogers entrawed by Daniela Cambone Kitco Metals program

Tony Miselli
 Money Speak
   Gentleman Jim Rogers likes two thing sin life and that is investing an nailing younger women. Needless to say Jim Rogers enjoys appearing often on Daniela Cambone's Kitco Program speak of financial matter and  recently he was on talking about Bitcoin. Jim got all dressed up and hoped by agreeing on Daniela  Cambone's boring interview program she would agree to go out with him for dinner some time and they can talk precious  metals and other financial matters later. Jim Roger's has made much money through the year and he has never seen anything like the Bitcoin gains and advances as respectable and reputable currency options for the ultra-wealthy.
 Rogers often makes it a pint to tell Daniela how much money he has made through investing in stocks,bonds, and gold through the years and he now promises to triple his fortunes and keep him and his young wife and potential mistresses happy for years. Jim Rogers is smitten whenever he is in the appearance of Daniela Cambone even if it is a video conference interview and he feels like a vigorous youth of twenty years of age whenever he looks into her eyes. In actuality Gentleman Jim Rogers knows little and shit about crypto-currencies but comes with a big bank load and wads of cash form others and this is basically how investors invent money for themselves and others.

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