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FINAL Oscar Nomination Predictions

My final Oscar predictions (unless I get cold feet on Monday night). Nothing has happened this past week to suggest that there will be many surprises so this was easier to settle on than I was thinking. Just a few adjustments to reflect the dominion of Slumdog Millionaire and Benjamin Button... and Ms. Kate Winslet.

Completed: Picture, Director, Actor, Actress , Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress, Foreign Film, Animated, Costume Design, Screenplay, Technical (Visual) Prizes, Technical (Sound) Prizes

Help Me With Your Comments
What do you think of Costume Design. A lot of good ones, right? Notoriously hard to predict. Original Screenplay -- Seriously, it's still nine films deep, still. Adapted screenplay has only six (arguably seven) films in play. Much easier. I'd love to get your reactions/predictions. Help me out. Cinematography... if you had to drop Revolutionary Road (they have another way to honor Roger Deakins and who loves this movie?) what would you replace it with?

And if you've been a fairweather reader the FiLM BiTCH Awards (i.e. my own ballot of the year's best) is in full swing.

index of predictions
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